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"Aim at the Nobel prize"
KöMaL 1994-2003

The Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools (known as KöMaL, a popular abbreviation of the Hungarian name Középiskolai Matematikai és Fizikai Lapok) was founded in 1893. The archives of the monthly is an extraordinary collection of problems and articles, spanning more than a century and representing a significant factor in the history of Hungarian mathematics and physics. This CD contains only a part of the whole collection: all texts in Hungarian from 1994 to 2003 and mathematics problems from the beginning of the 70's (without solutions) translated into English. We hope that having read the problem in English, one will be able to reconstruct its solution from the Hungarian text; translating the whole KöMaL into English would probably be too big a task for us now.

During the next few years, however, we are planning further developments in the KöMaL archives, based on its current database: see www.komal.hu/cd . Our goal is that the greatest possible part of its material of more than one hundred years be available in English translation.

You can download the scanned issues of KöMaL (1893-1993) from here. (Zip, 525 MB.)

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