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Dear Customer,

We inform you that the subscription fee of periodical KöMaL as well as other issues' price and the postage fee should be paid through our Hungarian K&H Bank's account.

The international "IBAN" account number is: HU46 1040 0023 0001 0760 0000 0002


Please do not forget to mention your name when transferring the money.

Thank you for your order.

May, 2013
Yours sincerely,
KöMaL Press


KoMaL/issue HUF 800 = EUR   3, USD   4
KoMaL/year HUF 6600= EUR 26, USD 35,5
KöMaL CD, 1993-2003 EUR 7,5

Europe non European countries
Mailing, handling 1 issue: HUF   650= EUR   2,5, USD   3,5       HUF   750= EUR   3, USD   4
1 year: HUF 6550= EUR 26, USD 35,5       HUF 7490= EUR 29, USD 40,5
1 CD: EUR 2        EUR 2

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