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I. 230. Your task is to design a relational database describing data of the KöMaL Contest. The structure of the database should be devised so that the following questions can be answered (not necessarily by one query).

* Which problems were proposed in April 2008?

* Who submitted solutions to Problem I. 220?

* How many competitors submitted solutions to Problems of type I?

* How many points were awarded by a given set of competitors in the academic year 2007--2008?

* Who were the competitors from a given set of schools?

* Who submitted a solution to an I-problem that was awarded the highest score?

* What was the final result in Category S in the academic year 2008--2009?

These questions are only for orientation, you do not actually have to answer them.

In your solution, the following steps should be followed.

* Determine which data to store. (You should recollect the registration process to KöMaL, further, results of the contest http://www.komal.hu/eredmeny/eredmeny.h.shtml may be of help. You can ignore the name of the proposer of the problem, the content of the problem and the name of the person who corrected the problem.)

* Determine the individuals and assign the appropriate attributes to them.

* Mark the keys and determine the relations between individuals. (The corresponding figure should be included.)

* Describe the structure of the tables, further, the role and type of the fields.

Your solution should describe individuals (tables) and the corresponding attributes (fields), similarly to our earlier Problem I. 218.

You should also create a figure displaying the structure of the database. You can refer to the figure in Problem I. 218. The figure should be easily modifiable. It is advisable to use a freely available or multiplatform program for editing.

A document (i230.doc, i230.pdf, ...) containing your solution together with a figure showing the structure of the database should be submitted in a compressed file (i230.zip). You should also give the exact name of the program used to create the figure. The figure should be saved in the program's own format.

(10 points)

Deadline expired on 10 February 2010.

Statistics on problem I. 230.
7 students sent a solution.
9 points:Szabó 928 Attila.
8 points:3 students.
6 points:2 students.
4 points:1 student.

  • Problems in Information Technology of KöMaL, January 2010

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