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I. 240. In a certain laboratory a chain of supercells is being developed, so they measure its operating temperature. Devices record and store temperature data of elements of the chain in tabulator-separated text files of size (n+1).(m+1). Here number n denotes the length of the chain, while m is the number of measurements. The first piece of data of the file is the identifier of the chain, further data in the first row contain the identifier of cells in the chain, while further data in the first column refer to the measurement times.

Our task is to process the data copied from the text file into an empty spreadsheet (such that the first piece of data is copied into cell A1) with possibly one keystroke combination, according to the description below.

The first row and column should be formatted by using yellow background and bold blue characters and temperature data should contain oC as a unit. Values above the critical temperature 70 oC should be denoted by bold red characters. You should create a line chart with the horizontal axis containing the identifiers of the supercells in the chain. The legend of the diagram should contain the time instants, while the label of the diagram should be the identifier of the whole chain.

The difficulty of the problem lies in the fact that values of n and m are unknown, what is known that they are at most 10. To solve the problem, you should create a macro in Microsoft Excel (2003 or 2007) or in OpenOffice.org 3.x.

Your spreadsheet containing the macro (i240.xls, i240.ods, ...) together with a documentation (i240.txt, i240.pdf, ...) -- also describing the name and version number of the spreadsheet application, further a brief description of your solution--should be submitted in a compressed file (i240.zip). Finally, the macro itself should also be submitted in a separate text file i240m.txt.

(10 points)

Deadline expired on 10 May 2010.

Statistics on problem I. 240.
5 students sent a solution.
10 points:Balla Attila, Pap 999 Dávid, Szabó 928 Attila.
9 points:Barta 111 János, Horváth 135 Loránd.

  • Problems in Information Technology of KöMaL, April 2010

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