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Problem P. 3794. (April 2005)

P. 3794. In an experimental device where controlled nuclear fusion is generated, a solid-state laser emits infrared light in 1.1.10-11 s at the wavelength of 1060 nm with a power of 1014 W. For comparison: a school He-Ne laser emits red light at the wavelength of 633 nm with a power of 10-3 W. For how many days should the He-Ne laser work to emit the same number of photons as the solid-state laser does in 1.1.10-11 s?

(3 pont)

Deadline expired on 11 May 2005.


117 students sent a solution.
3 points:94 students.
2 points:14 students.
0 point:9 students.

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