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P. 4078. A hollow copper sphere is floating on the surface of water which is at a temperature of 20oC and 1% of the volume of the sphere is above the water. To what temperature must the water be heated in order to submerge the copper ball totally. (Look up how the density of water depends on the temperature of water in a data table.)

(5 points)

Deadline expired on 11 June 2008.

Statistics on problem P. 4078.
69 students sent a solution.
5 points:Almási 270 Gábor András, Balogh Gábor, Berta Katalin, Deli Gábor, Filep Tibor, Iván Dávid, Maknics András, Nagy 648 Donát, Szolnoki Lénárd, Vőfély Róza Villő.
4 points:Kovács 888 Gábor, Tolner Ferenc.
3 points:1 student.
2 points:24 students.
1 point:12 students.
0 point:20 students.

  • Problems in Physics of KöMaL, May 2008

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