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Problem P. 4347. (April 2011)

P. 4347. What is the energy of the \gamma photon which can create a positron when it collides with an electron at rest? The rest mass of the electron (and the positron) is 510 keV.

(6 pont)

Deadline expired on May 10, 2011.

Sorry, the solution is available only in Hungarian. Google translation

Megoldás. \(\displaystyle E=4m_0c^2=2,04\) MeV.


21 students sent a solution.
6 points:Barta Szilveszter Marcell, Béres Bertold, Bolgár Dániel, Fülep Andrea , Juhász Péter, Koncz Gabriella, Kovács 444 Áron, Nagy 111 Miklós, Szabó 928 Attila, Szigeti Bertalan György, Vuchetich Bálint.
5 points:Jéhn Zoltán.
4 points:2 students.
1 point:6 students.
Unfair, not evaluated:1 solution.

Problems in Physics of KöMaL, April 2011