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Problem B. 4740. (October 2015)

B. 4740. Eight unit cubes, with corresponding edges parallel, are glued together to form a solid. Prove that the surface area of the resulting solid is at least 24 units. Only the outer surface counts, even if the resulting solid contains a cavity.

(6 pont)

Deadline expired on November 10, 2015.


44 students sent a solution.
6 points:Gáspár Attila, Juhász 326 Dániel, Kerekes Anna.
5 points:Simon Dániel Gábor.
4 points:4 students.
3 points:8 students.
2 points:10 students.
1 point:3 students.
0 point:15 students.

Problems in Mathematics of KöMaL, October 2015