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Problem I. 133. (May 2006)

I. 133. Write a program to classify closed planar polygons. A polygon is given with its vertices; first the number of vertices is given, then two coordinates of each vertex in each line are specified. Your program should decide whether the polygon has positive or negative orientation, or it is self-intersecting. (This latter case should also include polygons with some coinciding vertices or when a vertex lies on the interior of another side.)


The source code (i133.pas, i133.cpp, \ldots) is to be submitted.

(10 pont)

Deadline expired on June 15, 2006.

Sorry, the solution is available only in Hungarian. Google translation





8 students sent a solution.
10 points:Balambér Dávid, Gilián Zoltán, Györök Péter, Kovács 129 Péter, Ozsvárt László.
8 points:1 student.
6 points:1 student.
4 points:1 student.

Problems in Information Technology of KöMaL, May 2006