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Problem I. 151. (February 2007)

I. 151. Watson, the friend of the great detective overheard the following details of making a database of a robbery (a ``_'' character denotes information Watson did not hear):

Watson also knows that ringleaders can keep the percentage of the booty equal to their ranks, while the remaining money goes to the boss. The income of the boss is 7\;300\;000.

Write a query named ``remaining'' that finds out the remaining sum for the ringleaders. (A sum should appear together with the name of each leader.)

Write a query named ``bestday'' that determines the day with greatest income.

Write a form to register the income. The locations should be chosen from a drop-down menu. This form should contain two buttons to select the previous or the next record. The list of records should be cyclic.

Finally, make a report that details the income of the ringleaders and further contains a ``summary'' of the total income in January.

The file i151.mdb is to be submitted, containing the tables, queries, the form and the report.

(10 pont)

Deadline expired on March 19, 2007.

Sorry, the solution is available only in Hungarian. Google translation

Ezt a feladatot nehezítette, hogy több lehetséges megoldás volt. Nem is a tiszta matematikai levezetés volt ez elsődleges cél, hanem annak felismerése, hogy minden adat ismerete nélkül is megoldható egy probléma. Egy lehetséges megoldást tartalmaz Szoldatics András /Kapuvár, Felsőbüki Nagy Pál Gimn./ adatbázisa.


14 students sent a solution.
10 points:Balambér Dávid, Biró János, Danka Miklós András, Gilián Zoltán, Kiss Dániel Miklós, Kovács 129 Péter, Polgárfi Bálint, Szoldatics András, Véges Márton, Vincze János.
9 points:Györök Péter, Ridinger Tamás.
8 points:2 students.

Problems in Information Technology of KöMaL, February 2007