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Problem M. 334. (September 2013)

M. 334. Place a chain made of same links to the table such that some part of the chain hangs down from the tabletop. When will the whole chain begin to slide down from the table? Using the result give an estimation to the coefficient of static friction between the table and the chain. Check your estimation with measurement as well!

(6 pont)

Deadline expired on October 10, 2013.


48 students sent a solution.
6 points:Antalicz Balázs, Csathó Botond, Fekete Panna, Géczi Péter Attila, Holczer András, Juhász Péter, Olosz Balázs, Sal Kristóf.
5 points:Asztalos Bogdán, Balogh Menyhért, Berta Dénes, Dombai Tamás, Horicsányi Attila, Nagy Gergely, Plaszkó Noel, Roberts Orion, Szépfalvi Bálint, Ványi András.
4 points:12 students.
3 points:8 students.
2 points:5 students.
1 point:3 students.
0 point:2 students.

Problems in Physics of KöMaL, September 2013