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Problem P. 4277. (October 2010)

P. 4277. The wedge shown in the figure can slide without friction on a horizontal tabletop. The mass of the wedge is M and its angle of elevation is \alpha=30o. A body of mass m slides down without friction along the wedge, the path of the body makes an angle of \varphi=60o with the ground. Find the ratio of the masses, m/M.

(5 pont)

Deadline expired on November 10, 2010.

Sorry, the solution is available only in Hungarian. Google translation


\(\displaystyle \frac{m}{M}=\frac{\tg60^\circ-\tg30^\circ}{\tg30^\circ}=2.\)


113 students sent a solution.
5 points:61 students.
4 points:7 students.
3 points:25 students.
2 points:9 students.
1 point:4 students.
0 point:1 student.
Unfair, not evaluated:6 solutionss.

Problems in Physics of KöMaL, October 2010