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The KöMaL on the Internet

On our Web-pages we monthly present the latest issue of KöMaL, publish the newest exercises and announce the current state of the contest. In addition we offer the following services:

Solution for the problems

We will present the sketch of solutions for our problems in each month, a week after the deadline.

Ordering the KöMaL from the Internet

To order the KöMaL from the Internet, you have to fill in the electronic version of the order form .

Entering the contest

To enter the contest, please fill in the Entry Form .

Sending the solutions via email

You can send us the solutions via email. The infos you need to know:

  • It is recommended to create your solutions with a word processor. Presently we are able to handle the following formats:
    • Text
    • plain TeX, LATeX, AMSTeX
    • MSWord 2.0 and 6.0
    • PostScript
  • There should be a proper header appropriate to the contest announcement on each of the papers. (We do not enforce the colouring, of course). If you send the solutions of more than one exercise in a file, then every exercise should start on a new page with a new header.
  • You may compress your files containing your solutions with PKZIP, ARJ or GZIP. Files compressed by other programs and self-extracting programs are not accepted.
  • The solutions should be sent to . The "subject" field of the header of the letter should contain the number(s) of the exercise(s). Send the consignment note to the same address. We accept solutions only from existing addresses.