Középiskolai Matematikai és Fizikai Lapok
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Angol nyelvű szám, 2002. december

Előző oldalTartalomjegyzék MEGRENDELŐLAP


It was more than a hundred years ago that Dániel Arany, a high school teacher from the city of Győr, decided to found a mathematical journal for high school students. His goal was ``to give a wealth of examples to students and teachers". The journal's first edition appeared on January 1, 1894.

The foundation of the Journal had close connections with the boom in scientific life at the turn of the century. The Mathematical and Physical Society was founded in 1891, and in the autumn of 1894 the first Eötvös Competition in mathematics was organised for students that just graduated from high school.

From that time several generations of mathematicians and scientists developed their problem-solving skills through KöMaL. The best solutions with the names of the 14-18 year-old authors are printed in the periodical.

KöMaL regularly reports on national and international competitions, prints articles on interesting results in mathematics and physics, and includes book reviews.

For more than 30 years all the new problems have appeared in English as well as Hungarian. This means thousands of mathematics and physics problems and exercises in English.

The Journal is published today by the János Bolyai Mathematical Society and the Roland Eötvös Physical Society with the financial support of the Ministry of Education in 6000 copies.

Periodical ``KöMaL - Középiskolai Matematikai és Fizikai Lapok" appears in Hungarian language 64 pages a month 9 times a year.

Every issue contains the English translation of 5 new exercises for practice (C), 10 problems (B) and 3 advanced problems (A) in mathematics; an experimental problem (M) and 10 problems (P) in physics; 3 problems (I) in Information Technology.

This journal (Hungarian language) can be ordered for 35 USD in a school year (postal costs are included). Those who want to send us solutions from September month to month in English should pay a 35 USD entry fee, the problem of the competition can be find on the web page of the KöMaL: http://www.komal.hu/. If they subscribe KöMaL (in English, two issues per year), subscription plus entry fee is only 50 USD for a school year.

Please return this Order Form (Subscription Form) to

Roland Eötvös Physical Society,

Budapest, P.O.B. 433, H-1371, Hungary

E-mail: editors@komal.hu  Telefax: +36 (1) 201-8682.