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  • Rita Kós - Géza Kós: What makes e natural?

  • Vera Oláh: Multilingual Mathematics Knowledge Base - MMKB Hungarian mathematics in the EU

  • Elemér Kiss: On János Bolyai's Bicentennial

  • Tamás Dénes: Cardan and cryptography

  • András Hraskó: Poncelet's theorem

  • Géza Kós: Remarks to the Olympiad

  • Gyula Károlyi: Solutions to the problems of the Kürschák Competition, 2001

  • Mathematics and physics quiz

  • László Számadó: Preparatory problems for the entrance exam of high school

  • Balázs Pozsgay: Interesting new characteristics of the electrostatic field

  • Problems of the Eötvös Competition, 2002

  • Rita Kós: Conics and Dandelin spheres

  • Géza Kós: Dogs from Planet Mars

  • Lajos Lóczi: On commutative and associative powers